Theresa Floral Sweats

$17 $39

Preorder Item 3/22/2018

This will run for one day, and will be up on the wholesale site later today.

$39.00 retail womens
$19.50 wholesale womens

$24.00 retail kids
$18 wholesale kids

Details to post. Don't just post this exactly, make sure to edit and make it your own:

Theresa Floral Sweats! A wide casual terry pan with adjustable drawstring waist.
Made in USA

Sizes: Small + Medium + Large + XLarge
Kids Sizes: Small 4 + Medium 6 + Large 8 + XLarge 10
The waist band for the women's runs a little small, consider sizing up. They are also is long compared to the other sweats and joggers we have ordered. I don't have the kids waist measurements.
Waist: Small-28" Medium-30" Large-32" XLarge-34"
Inseam 33"


$39/$24 + Free Shipping

To order comment size, and email address.

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